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Choosing Special Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Cat

Your cat is a family member and at holiday time, doesn't the kitty deserve something special. There are many gift ideas for that special kitty cat in your family.

I know that kitty thinks it is all about him so what do you get that cat who rules the center of your universe? Most cats are quite independent creatures with minds of their own but nonetheless, you love them dearly. When it comes to the holidays and celebrations, you of course want to include your precious feline. Kitty may not seem to appreciate your efforts but you alone know what he/she loves. Even though they do have a liberated nature, cats love to play and will do so with most anything around the home. Maybe kitty needs more toys.

Cats love to peer outdoors and that can be a tease for an indoor kitty. There are many ingenious ways to provide a screened-in walk or pen for your kitty to go outside without being in danger. Otherwise, many cats are just happy to have a large windowsill or perch to sit on and look out the window.

Puzzle toys can be fun for your cat and there are many choices that you can fill with a treat for hours of kitty fun. Some toys are filled with catnip which cats love. You can grow your own catnip indoors as well as kitty greens which cats love. As we all know, cats love yarn and strings and get a lot of pleasure from a feather on a string. Cats are not real fussy when it comes to having fun. Most anything around the home such as the ring from the top of the milk jug, an empty paper box or bag, string on a stick or anything else you can provide your pet that will give hours of safe fun.

How about a new scratching post as a gift idea? Cats feel the need to scratch and the scratching posts can provide a good and safe place to do so without tearing your home apart. Some other gift ideas are a new kitty litter box, new food and drinking dishes and kitty treats which should include some that provide your cat with good oral care.

It may be hard to know what your kitty wants from Santa for the holidays but I am sure you can find tons of gift ideas at your local pet store. Most of our pets find the most pleasure in just being near their humans to share in some one-on-one time. The best gift we can give any of our pets is the gift of a loving home and companionship and unconditional love.


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