Cat Cafes of East Asia
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Cat Cafes of East Asia

Cat cafes of Japan, East Asia. A review of cat cafes, pictures of cats and cat cafes

Cat cafes are becoming very popular in some East Asian locations. Tokyo and other prominent cities in Japan and its neighboring countries are home to an increasing number of cat cafes. The popularity of the cat cafes is on the upswing in the recent years in these places due to a myriad of reasons. It is generally perceived that in today’s tension-ridden lifestyle there is a greater need for frequent unwinding. These cat cafes and the kitties allow some relaxation and rewinding to those who are under the stress of routine hectic schedule.

Pet lovers who enjoy feline company also frequent these cat cafes. Yet another reason for the growing popularity of cat cafes is the lack of facility and time for some cat lovers to keep pets. In some housing societies the rules do not permit the occupants to keep pets in the apartments and hence cat lovers residing in those premises find these cat cafes ideal spots to spend enjoyable moments with their chosen kitties. Again, those who are regularly on the move and those who stay away from home such as businessmen, executives, employees, students, etc. find these places a means to satiate their pet love.

The cat cafes in Tokyo and other centers in Japan generally keep good stocks of books especially Japanese comic books and visitors can read and enjoy while they are in the company of their favorite kitties. Visitors can read or chat sipping their favorite drink and can lounge about with their favorite kitties playing around. They can touch, pat, caress, cuddle, take in their arms and can feed and pamper the cats they like. The visitors belong to a wide variety of professions, vocations and age-groups. There are students, employees, executives, businessmen, dating people, family, young couples, newly weds, senior citizens, teen girls, etcetera.

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You would inevitably feel something missing in the cat cafes of Japan and its neighborhood. As we know, children adore cats so much more than grown ups generally. These cat cafes generally do not admit children as customers lest they might harm the kitties in their playful pranks while with these adorable pets.

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Cat cafes are serous businesses in the Far East. They are thriving entities even during the period of recession. During recession, the cat café industry thrived well in the eastern world. In Japan the pet business has been estimated to be a $12 billion industry. Studies in the area show that the main reason for the thriving cat cafes in Tokyo is the stress and tension that the industrial life provides. The industrial workers are generally over-burdened. The stress and strain from their heavy work and overtime needs some unwinding, relaxing moments and they get some cool moments at these cat cafes.

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The cat cafes are well arranged for the ease and comfort of both visitors and the cats. Spacious rooms are arranged with sofas and couches for comfort and easy lounge. To make the atmosphere appealing and natural, even cat climbing trees are arranged inside the cafes.

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The cat cafes offer a cat menu. The menu describes the names of the cats and a brief narration about the cat. The menu description facilitates the ease of selection of the cats of choice of each customer. The description includes the nature and characteristics, behavior, past and present condition, etc of each cat. Thus it is easy for the visitor to know the general nature and specialty of the cat they choose.

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Apart from keeping away children, the cat cafes of Japan do not impose any strict rules. In order to keep the calmness and comfort and general hygiene of the place, the visitors need to observe the required standards of behavior and cleanliness. Before entering the cat cafes, visitors need to wash hands and disinfect.

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