How Can You Control Your Cats Shedding?
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How Can You Control Your Cats Shedding?

Cats are great at shedding their hair and indoor cats are worse than outdoor cat. There is not a whole lot you can do to stop a cats shedding but you can control it. You can brush you cat everyday to remove the loose hair. You can give him baths to get rid of the loose hair and excess oil. You can feed him a premium cat food which will help.

One of the drawbacks of owning a cat is all the shedding a cat will do.  Some cats shed so much there are big tuffs of hair everywhere.  Cats are one of the biggest shedders and if it is an indoor cat, there will be hair everywhere and in everything  Shedding in cats is normal and you cannot stop it but you can try to control it.  Cats will shed in the spring because they need to get rid of their winter coats but indoor cats will shed year around because they are in a controlled environment.

To minimize shedding brush your cat on a regular basis.  Get a brush that is right for your cat’s coat.  Longhaired cats coat will get knots and tangles in it.  It is best to use a wire brush or a comb with wide teeth on a longhaired cat.  Shorthaired cats need a soft brush.  If you cat does not like to be brushed you might have to take him to a professional groomer.

Giving your cat a bath can cut down on the shedding as it gets rid of the loose hair and excess oil.  If you cat does not like water use wipes that are made just for wiping down your cat and this will work very well.

If your cat is fed  a  healthy diets it will also help lesson his shedding.  Your cat needs fish oil based vitamins, oils and minerals in his diet.  This would be a well balanced diet for your cat.  If you give, your cat omega fatty acids it will help reduce shin irritations and the cat will scratch less and this will result in less hair being shed.  Feeding your cat a premium cat food will help with the shedding.  Premium cat foods contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 and this is good for the cats skin and will reduce some of the hair loss.

There is no sure way of stopping your cat from shedding completely.  Shedding is natural for cats and you just have to live with it if you want a cat.  All you can do is try to minimize the shedding so you do not have a big problem with hair all over your home.

Some breeds of cats do shed less than others.  The Persian cat or any longhaired cat will shed more than a shorthaired cat.  Abyssinian cats will shed very little if at all.

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Ranked #1 in Cats

Better cat food also makes a huge difference in shedding in cats too. 

Ranked #16 in Cats

My cats shed during April and August so they get brushed daily.

I have a gray short haired cat her fur is very dense with soft fur. She is wonderful, but her fur is so messy I don\'t even want to pet her because it gets all over my face and home, even with bathing and brushing. I wonder what breed she is that would cause this  amount of shedding and if trimming her fur could help?

-Cat Lover