How to Get a Pet Cat to Drink More Water
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How to Get a Pet Cat to Drink More Water

Cats with urinary tract problems can sometimes be helped by getting them to drink more water. Drinking more water helps to keep a cat's urinary tract system clean and healthy. Learn some ways to get your cat to drink more water. What kind bowl is best to use for water for pet cats? Why cats like to drink out of sinks.

If your cat is having problems with its urinary tract (as is often indicated by cats who urinate in areas other than their litter box, and can be diagnosed with a urine sample) having it drink more water on a regular basis can help keep this system working well. Cats who do not drink enough water, and particularly male cats, are prone to urinary tract problems. Cats need water to flush their system out regularly and when they do not drink enough they often get bladder infections, crystals, and so forth.

As an owner it is your responsibility to make sure your cat has enough to drink and that your cat is drinking regularly. Please note if your cat suddenly starts drinking more than usual this could be a sign of a health problem such as diabetes.

The Cat's Water Bowl

Cats are very fussy about the smell of their water. The type of bowl used can make a difference in relationship to how your cat's water smells. Plastic is one of the worst things to use, plastic is porous, it can contain bacteria and odors from previous uses. Cats can “taste” whatever was in the container in the past, no matter how well it was washed. Additionally plastic bowls cannot be disinfected thoroughly.

Stainless steel bowls or ceramic bowls tend to work very well for cat's water. These should be washed regularly.

Some people use “fountains” for their cat. These work by keeping the water circulating so the cats do not smell the dust that otherwise accumulates on the surface of still water.

Keeping the Water Fresh

As mentioned above, the smell of dust on a cat's water is one of the reasons why cats often do not drink water from their bowl. In fact some owners have noted that their cat seems to want to drink from the sink but not from the bowl. The reason may be because of the dust on the water in the bowl. As such it is a good idea to dump your cat's water bowl twice a day and refill it with fresh water. If you are using a fountain you may want to dump the water and wash the fountain out once a week to prevent dust from building up.

Mix Water with Canned Cat Food

If you feed canned cat food, and you should if you are concerned about your cats urinary tract health, it is a simple trick to make your cat drink more, but making soup. At least one or twice a day take 1 – 2 teaspoons of canned cat food (pate works best) and add about a table spoon of water in a shallow bowl. Mush it up to make a soup. If the canned food has been refrigerated, use warm water. Most cats will lap this up.

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Comments (4)

Informative and useful for cat lovers like myself, thanks.

Ranked #14 in Cats

Very interesting article Brenda.  You offered some very good ideas.  It is often hard to get a pet, especialy a cat, to drink enough water.

excellent information. I have a cat. I wrote my first article, please read and rate it.Thanks

I give my cat more wet food to make sure she’s getting enough moisture.  Her favorite are the Platefulls pouches we get at Petco.  I also make sure her ceramic water bowl is always full and clean with purified water.