How to Train My Cats to Sleep at Night
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How to Train My Cats to Sleep at Night

How to get a pet cat to sleep at night. How to keep my cat from waking me up every night? Why are cats so playful at night? Tips for cat owners on getting their cat to sleep at night. How to encourage your cat to be more active in the day. How much sleep do cats need? Will getting another cat help my cat to sleep more at night?

Many cat owners struggle with their playful cat as it wants to play all night when the owners are trying to sleep, so just how do you get your cat to sleep at night, when you are sleeping?

Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day, but they naturally enjoy being awake in the late evening and early morning. They have very good night vision and would normally be hunting mice at this time of the day. The key to getting your cat to sleep more at night involves two things; keep it awake more in the day, satisfying the cats desire to hunt during the day.

Keeping a Cat Awake More in the Day

While you cannot keep your cat awake constantly throughout the day, you can wake it up when you see it snoozing away for long. Simply pick the cat up and move it to another part of the home. Your cat will stay awake for a while, eventually making its way back to its sleeping spot. These small interruptions during your cat's sleep will leave it more tired at night.

If your cat is an indoor only cat, providing it a place to look out the window will keep it more awake in the day, particularly if the view is interesting.

Sometimes having two cats, or a cat and a dog, can help keep a cat awake more in the day, but without owner involvement, if they just sleep in the day, it may mean twice as much activity at night.

Cats enjoy catnip, it will keep them active for about 20 minutes, usually followed by sleep.

Note that some cat foods with color dyes will make your cat more hyper, as such these foods should be avoided.

Satisfy Your Cats Desire to Hunt

Cats are naturally curious and playful, if you want your cat to sleep more at night you can provide more mental stimulation during the day, and especially in the early evening. Cats love toys, but dislike toys that have been sitting around the house for too long, so it is a good idea to keep many toys, with most of them in a container. Every day put a few toys out, play with them for a bit. You might want to put them away at night if you find your cat stays up late playing with them. Note what type of toys your cat likes best but rotate them often. Since cats are colorblind to red, you may find yellow and blue toys get more interest.

Actively playing with your cat will stimulate it more than simply assuming that by leaving a few balls and toys out the cat will play with them on his, or her, own.


Cat owners need to remember that being awake at night is normal for a cat, it is too be expected, we should not punish our cats for simply being cats. Try to avoid giving any attention to a cat that is awake at night, patting it just encourages it to wake up for attention in the future. If you must you can confine a cat to the basement for the night, provided it has food, water, and a litter box down there.

Note - If you are in the habit of feeding your cat canned cat food in the morning he, or she, may wake you up early.  If you only feed canned food once or twice a day, you may want to do it later and leave dry food out over night to keep your cat fed.

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Comments (6)

Super information on this subject.

I enjoyed reading this Brenda, I know my cat plays around most of the night, that's no big deal, my problem however, is why does my cat wake me so early in the morning? Not just now and again, but every single morning dead on five AM.

Ranked #1 in Cats

DeeBee, I am not sure if this is the problem but I should have mentioned, if you feed your cats canned food in the morning they will often wake you up earlier trying to get it. Normally 5 am would be a good mouse hunting time.

Well, well, well, that never occured to me. Of course, the early bird and all that, the hunt is on. Thankyou Brenda.

Ranked #8 in Cats

Something that I have never given much thought to because my cats have never kept me awake at night. Most of them took turns sleeping in bed with me but their coming and going never woke me up, even when they curled up on my stomach or chest during the night.

You hit the nail on the head. My husband usually gives the cat canned food before he leaves for work in the morning. But she has started coming in our room at 5:30 clawing at the carpet or scratching the walls to wake us up. So I need to give her canned food in the afternoon instead. Thanks Brenda.