How to Keep a Cat Entertained when Home Alone
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How to Keep a Cat Entertained when Home Alone

How to keep a cat entertained if you are away for work or on holiday. What to do about keeping my cat happy when it is home alone. Will my cats enjoy watching television when I am away at work? How to provide entertainment to a cat that lives alone. Tips on cat care to prevent a cat from getting bored.

If you have a pet cat and work all day or are planning on going away for a few days, one of your concerns may be in regards to providing entertainment for your cat while you are away. Keeping a cat happy when it is home alone is not too hard, but sometimes you can never really be sure it is working as cats are such indifferent creatures at the best of times.


Cats prefer toys that are new, but nobody wants to run out and buy new cat toys on a regular basis. It is pretty easy to trick your cat into thinking the toys are new. Have a selection of 10-20 small cat toys, bells, fake mice, and so forth. At any given time only 2-4 toys should be out, with the rest hidden in a container. At any time you switch the toys around (which should be done every week) you will usually notice the cat will show a renewed interest in toys they have not seen for a while.

Cats should have a variety of toys:

Hard balls, soft pompom type, fake mice, jingle toys, honeysuckle toys, catnip toys, and so forth.

Note that while cats are not colorblind they see yellow and blue best, and cannot see red at all (they see it as gray).

Cat Furniture

Many people buy scratching posts. Scratching posts are great but rather limiting over the long term. Buying proper cat furniture is far better in terms of keeping a cat happy and entertained. Cat furniture is that which often consists of at least one raised sleeping platform, while more elaborate systems have several platforms and sleeping areas. Since cats sleep about 16 hours a day, your cat will be thrilled with so many options.

The cat furniture should be placed near a window so it can look out. It can even be moved around if you find your cat is not using it, again this fools the cat somewhat into thinking it is “new”. Rub some catnip on it and that should also increase use.

Safe cat furniture does not have any dangling toys.

Lights, Sound, Action

Cats cannot watch older style televisions because their brains are faster than the images, but they can watch the newer, HDTV televisions. You can select to program your television to come on to entertain your cat, noting that they do tend to prefer nature shows. Pet supply stores do sell Bluray disks with shows on them specifically to entertain your pet.

You can also put your radio on so the cat does not feel so lonely, although it is hard to say if the cat really gets any enjoyment out of that, but it might break up the monotony if you are on holiday.

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Pet Sitters

It should also be added that cats should never be left alone longer than 48 hours without somebody checking on them. If you are on holiday, or away from home longer than 48 hours, you may want to have a friend, neighbor, or professional pet sitter stop in to check their food, water, litter box, and to provide some companionship for the cat itself.

Another Cat

While most cats are quite happy living alone, some owners feel better by providing their cat with a pal. Introductions can take two to three weeks, and the new cat should be selected from an animal shelter where it is use to being with other cats so introductions will go a bit smoother.

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Comments (4)

Brenda, this reminded me of our first cat after we were married. It used to jump up and pull flowers out of the vase and bite the heads off! Our current old cat just goes out into the yard and watches the birds.

good morning. very good,meow

Ranked #8 in Cats

Cats are like potato chips, you cannot have just one. Not my saying, Brenda. Saw it on a wall hanging in the "Dollar Store" and bought several of them. Cats are like people, they need at least one companion.

Ranked #1 in Cats

So right Jerry, I actually have six cats, all are spayed or neutered of course.