Learn About the Characteristics and Size of the Sphynx Cat
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Learn About the Characteristics and Size of the Sphynx Cat

The sphynx is a different, unique and unusual looking cat that has a lot of love for its family. This playful and intelligent hairless cat loves all the attention from you and all who visit. The sphynx is very social.

The Sphynx is an unusual cat but nonetheless has very loving and unique characteristics as well as appearance. Even though the sphynx is hairless, it is by no means hypoallergenic as many believe. Maybe you like the sphynx because of the absence of hair. However, this little breed of cat has issues of its own. Because they do still have dander, they can cause allergies. The Sphynx does not require regular grooming with a brush but should be sponged daily because of the excess oils secreted from its skin. They came into existence in Canada in 1966 and have been bred with normal coated cats, then back to hairless ever since to create genetically sound cats like the sphynx.


Many have described the Sphynx as having a pixie face, batty ears, potbelly and wrinkled skin. Even though this rare breed is known for being hairless, they do have a bit of fuzz on their body. This cat with no eyebrows or whiskers has a short nose and deep-set lemon shaped eyes, both of which seem to reflect their bodies. They have long, tapered tails. Their over-sized “batty ears” need frequent cleaning to ward off build-up due to their oily skin.


The Sphynx is a medium sized cat that weighs anywhere between 7 and 15 lbs. with the female weighing less, but these cats can have a tendency to gain weight if not monitored. They are known to have a chowhound type of appetite. To ward off unhealthy weight gain, they should be fed a calorie-controlled nutritional cat food. They need normal amounts of exercise but should be limited to the indoors. Most often this is not an issue with the Sphynx because of their high metabolism.


The Sphynx is extremely loyal and devoted to its owners. They are very active, affectionate and gentle-natured. The Sphynx craves human contact, is a big show-off and very social with house guests. This very playful, highly intelligent and mischievous cat is great with children and loves to snuggle, especially under a cozy warm blanket. They do well with other cats and dogs as well. However, they will seem to demand all the attention since they love constant love from their owners. It is even said that they seem to “talk” and can almost carry on a conversation with you.


Since this cat is hairless, their skin is delicate. If your cat is ever outdoors (though it is preferred to keep them indoors) it is advised that you protect them from the sun. Their skin can easily get burnt from the sun. Protect the skin with a cat approved sunscreen which you can find at the larger pet supply stores.


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