Most Common Health Problems in Persian Cats
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Most Common Health Problems in Persian Cats

What are some health problems that occur in Persian cats? Are Persian cats usually healthy? What health related concerns do Persian cats have? Why is it important to buy a purebred kitten from a good breeder. What to look for when buying a purebred Persian kitten. Persian cats are very popular but they also have many health concerns linked with their face shape and genetics.

Not all long haired cats are Persians, but many do have some Persian breeding. Purebred Persian cats are prone to some health problems and if you own a Persian cat, or are thinking of getting one, you will want to be aware of these issues so you can watch out for them.


Naturally, being long haired, means these cats often suffer from problems related to hairballs. This can be reduced by feeding the cat a good quality food, regular brushing, and reducing stress in the home. Both stress and low quality cat food contribute to excess shedding and hair loss in cats.

Problems Due to Face Shape

Because the trend has been to breed Persian cats with extremely pushed in noses these cats often suffer from related problems. The more pushed in the face, the more problems the cat may have. Problems include tear ducts that constantly run and will stain the fur below the eyes, if neglected this can cause sores on the skin.

Eyelashes, and hair on the nose, can cause a problem if they rub on the eyes of the cat.

The short noses can cause breathing problems for the cat, making them more vulnerable to problems associated with warm, or cold, temperatures. This is because the longer noses give the air a chance to either warm up, or cool down, before entering the body. These cats often have small nasal passages and cannot take as much physical exertion as other cats, and tend to be more lazy as a result.

Malocclusion, or a bad bite, is also common in Persians and should be checked before buying a kitten.

Because of the facial deformity eating can be more difficult for Persian cats.

As a result of the distorted head shape it is not uncommon for Persian cats to have difficulty birthing kittens – the shape of the kitten's head does not pass easily. Still born kittens are seen more in Persians than most other breeds.

Kidney Problems

One of the other major health concerns with Persian cats is Polycystic kidney disease, PKD. More than one third of all Persian cats have been shown to develop PKD. Cysts grow in the kidney and lead to kidney failure. This problem has been found in Persians as young as three years old but is more commonly associated with cats over 6. The first sign of such a problem is excessive drinking. This is a genetic concern. It is advised the people should not buy purebred kittens from breeders who have not had the parents tested for this problem.

Heart Disease

Fewer than 10% of older Persian cats have been found do have Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which causes an enlargement of the left heart chamber and can result in sudden death. This condition is more common in male cats than in females.

Other Problems seen in Persian Cats

Persian cats often have side effects from Grisofulvin, a ringworm medication.

Some Persian cats have behavior problems and simply stop using their litter box (note this can also be related to kidney problems).

Persian cats are prone to hip dysplasia.

Eye diseases are common in this breed.

If not groomed regularly they will develop painful hair mats and may require shaving.

Note that when you buy a kitten from a good breeder they should have taken the parents to shows to prove they were good quality, worth breeding and had them tested for genetic health problems.  One concern with the Persian cat breed is that some breeders are selecting to breed for unhealthy traits such as extreme pushed in noses.

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Comments (10)

Very interesting information. I will pass it to my daughter. thanks

Well explained!

Super information and well presented.

Ranked #8 in Cats

One of my favorite breeds of cats and I have had several over the years and all of them have led long, healthy lives. true, I had a lot of hairball to clean up but I didn't mind that because persian are really beautiful and loving companions. I only had one that had a serious tear/staining problem and I had to wipe her eyes and clean her furry face several times every day

I love cats as much as i love dogs...I never heard of persian cats before, thank you for sharing...very well explained.

Persian cats are my favourite ones, they are so adorable, i can see they need alot of attention. Thanks for your article, very informative.

I really appreciate your blog post, looking forward for more posts from you.Pharmacy Supplies


I have a punch face persian female cat , I have started giving it boiled meet can i give it , From few days some amout on water is coming for her Eyes is it ok ,

Pls Advice me on the above Question on Or 9880256307 Pls advice 


Ibrahim Khan

not liking this article as it is incomplete and not based in fact. I suggest starting over..and labling things with there diagniostic name, not slang. Please keep in mind that the breed standard says plainly that eyes can and will tear since cats dont blink, and it is a way of hydratiung the eye ball...and if you dont keep it clean and dry problems will arise and the individual problem should be listed...This article was severly incomplete. try again

I believe my 16 yr old Persian cat died of "feline stroke." It started w/blindness then weeks later he was unable to move his tongue to drink water. A few days after that he could not open his eyes. Finally, the poor lil thing lost control of his rear legs (they appeared frozen), lost consciousness with labored breathing. His heart stopped and he was dead. He was such a cool cat, always used litter box, not one accident on carpet or furniture. And you're right, they are very sweet and loving pets.