Siberian Tiger and All You Need To Know
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Siberian Tiger and All You Need To Know

The Siberian tiger lives in Siberia which is how it got its name. it has a rich fur of yellow stripes, golden and dark yellow stripes with a white under coat. The Siberian tiger's coat is helpful to keep it camouflaged in the snowy and forest ranges that make up the largely uncharted territories of Siberia. The tiger is nearing extinction.

Siberia is known as a pretty cold place.  There are some things about Siberia that you might now know and wish you did.  For example, did you know that there is a very lovely large cat known as the Siberian Tiger.  The Siberian tiger is the largest cat living in the entire world.  It is said to be a vicious killer since it spends all of its waking time hunting and eating, of course, its catch.  The Siberian has a brilliant coat that appears to glisten in the light.  It lives in the area known as Amur-Ussuri that is located in what is known as Russian Siberia.  It is also found hunting in China and in Korea.  Although it is said to be the largest cat living, there are said to be no more than about 180 Siberian Tigers extant. 

The Siberian tiger has a yellowish striped top coat and white undercoat.  The undercoat starts at the base of the tiger's body and extends to its tail.  Since it spends most of its waking hours hunting, its hearing and sight senses have been evolved to make the Siberian tiger more than 5 times better than human. 

The social patterns of the Siberian tiger are interesting.  While the female Siberian lives in a family group, the male hunts and lives alone.  The male Siberian hunts and is awake mostly at night.  The male hunts at night and ranges through the vast areas of Siberia that are famous for their snow covered landscapes.  There are more than 4000 square miles of hunting range possible for the Siberian tiger.  The female provides for her family by hunting exactly like the male.  The male hunts and also keeps other males from intruding into his urine staked territory.  The Siberian tiger needs more than 20 pounds of meat a day to exist in the frozen tundra of Siberia Russian.  There food source comes from boar, deer, fish, bear, rabbits or hares and deer. 

Obviously, such a rich diet indicates that Siberia has abundant wild life.  One Siberian tiger weight more than 850 pounds when caught.

The tigers mate whenever they want, at any time of the year.  The female initiates the mating by leaving her scent in urine where the male can come across it.  She may even go to find a male Siberian tiger.  The female's mating times last about 3 days.  Once she and the male have mated, sometimes in water, he leaves to find another female.  The pregnant female Siberian tiger gives birth to her cubs after 3 and 1/2 months of pregnancy.  She has about 3 cubs to a litter that are born blind.  The cubs are entirely dependent on their mother for protection and for provisions.

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