Understanding Your Cats Agressive Behavior
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Understanding Your Cats Agressive Behavior

Cats can be calm and friendly one minute and aggressive the next and no one really knows why. They will bite and scrach for what appears to be no reason. Cats can be playful and turn aggressive. Playful aggression usuall happens in young cats that are less than 2 years old. Cats will play at all hours of the day and night.

Cats can be calm and friendly one minute and aggressive the next.  They will bite and scratch for no apparent reason.  Cats can become afraid and aggressive in a split second.  Cats can become irritated for no apparent reason and they will become aggressive toward their owner and other people.  Cats can be playing and appear happy and they will become aggressive.  You can be petting your cat and he seems to be enjoying it and all of a sudden he will bite and scratch you.  A very loving and friendly cat may get aggressive toward strangers that intrude on his territory.

Play aggression usually shows up in cats that are less than 2 years old.  Kittens will explore and investigate anything that moves.  They will slap, pounce and bite objects they preserve as prey and this will include your hand.  This behavior is sometimes referred to as playful aggression as is usually brought on by humans.

Cats love to play at all hours of the day and night.  They love to pounce on anything that moves and this includes your feet or hands when you are sleeping.  If you move your cat will pounce on you and probably bite you.

In order to correct the playful aggression you must provide your cat with things to do.

To help prevent playful aggression you can provide your cat with interesting toys to play with.  Some cats have definite preferences in the type of toys they like.  Some cats like catnip filled mice they can pounce.  Some cats like hanging toys they can bat around.  Some cats like their toys changed as they get bored with their old toys.

You should never wrestle with a playful aggressive cat as this will encourage the cat to scratch and bite your hands and feet.  Always use one of your cat’s toys to play with him.

Some cats get aggressive when you are petting them.  It is normal for them to scratch or bite you when they feel they have had enough petting.  Some cats can be petted for longer periods of time than others without getting aggressive.  When you are petting your cat and he has had enough he will usually warn you before he bites.

When your cat has had enough petting he will usually get restless.  His tail may start going from side to side and he may put his ears back.  He may move his head several times before he bites you.  Learn your cat's signal as to when he does not want anymore petting.  Stop and you will not get bit.

If your cat becomes very aggressive toward you all the time take him to the seminarian to make sure his aggression is not caused by a physical problem.

Some of the most common signs your cat is in an aggressive mood are his eyes will be wide open and his pupils will be dilated.  Your cat’s ears may be back and flattened against his head and his hair may be standing up.   He may meow than start growling, snarling and sometimes he will hiss at you.

Find out what is causing your cats aggressive behavior and work to correct it.  You will then have a loving and happy cat once more.

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