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Various Breeds of Spotted Cats from Around the World

One of the spotted cats of the world can be found in India. The rusty spotted cat is a rare cat breed which looks similar to the leopard cat.


There are many kinds of spotted cats which have captivated the interest of cat lovers. Spotted cats of the world can range from the rare to the common breed. The rusty spotted cat, the Bengal cat, the Egyptian Mau and the Ocicat cat are some examples of spotted cats found in various parts of the globe.

Bengal Cat

One of the more popular breeds of cat, the Bengal Cat is well muscled, large, and sleek. The female Bengal can grow up to 11 pounds while males can grow to as much as 18 pounds. Its coat is dense and short, with a silky feel patterned in marbled spots in various colors. This breed is playful, lively, intelligent and affectionate, which is surprising since it originated from the wild. The cat loves playing with water and it is fond of jumping into any body of water. It has an exotic look and the demeanor of a wild animal. The Bengal cat is a very affectionate companion which is ideal for bringing along on a short distance walk.


Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau breed is considered unique since it is spotted from the very beginning, unlike other spotted breeds which were bred to have spots. Its spots are often random and comes in different sizes and shapes. It has a slender and muscular body, with shorter front legs. The cat also has a skin fold under its belly similar to that of a cheetah, allowing the Egyptian Mau to run faster since the legs can be stretched back farther. The Egyptian Mau is loyal and friendly, although it can be quite shy.


The Ocicat is a domesticated breed which looks like a wild cat but definitely does not act like one. Its coat is short, and comes in several colors with spots, such as chocolate spotted, blue spotted and lavender spotted silver. It is said to have a similar appearance with the Egyptian Mau, but the Ocicat is larger, and its spots are well arranged and shaped like a thumb print. This cat is intelligent and with a predictable temperament. It can be easily trained for walk and fetch. The Ocicat is also friendly and it won’t hesitate to walk up to a stranger. It makes for an excellent pet especially for people who are fond of spending a lot of time with their pets.


Rusty Spotted Cat

One of the spotted cats of the world can be found in India. The rusty spotted cat is a rare cat breed which looks similar to the leopard cat. It has grayish fur with reddish spots, hence the reason why it is named as such. It has a soft and short grizzled coat, with lines of brown blotches marking its body. This cat also has a spotted tail which measures about the length of its body.

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