What You Should Consider When Getting a New Cat
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What You Should Consider When Getting a New Cat

A lot of thought and research should go into choosing a new pet to add to your family. A cat is a very unique and special additional to any home. However, there is much you need to consider when adopting a new cat. Learn some of the things you need to consider such as your family, lifestyle, the necessary care and grooming needs of that kitty before welcoming this new pet into your home and family.

Some people are cat people – some are dog people – and many enjoy surrounding themselves with both. Although I love both myself, I am a dog person more. If you are a cat person or someone considering adding a feline to your home and family, you need to give it a lot of thought and do your homework.

It is true that cats are independent creatures to some extent but they do need you for their total care. The type of cat you choose to adopt should fit into the lifestyle that you live. For instance, are you home majority of the time or live a busy life, being away from home for long hours?

Aside from your lifestyle there are other considerations when you have made the decision to adopt a new cat.

  • Are there issues with allergies – for you or any other members in the family
  • Are there other pets within the home and how accepting will they be with the addition of a new cat
  • Remember that cats are not easily restricted to certain areas of the home since they love to jump and climb
  • Just as with dogs, cats require regular grooming, especially the long-haired varieties

Once you make a final decision and bring a new cat into the home, call your veterinarian to get a clean bill of health. At that time it will be important to schedule your cat for all necessary vaccinations as well as getting your cat spayed or neutered at the appropriate age and time. Removing the hormones makes for a happier cat who is not trying to claw its way out of the windows or doors trying to mate, or spraying around the home in frustration.

Bringing a new cat into the home also warrants the house is pet-proof. The best way to do so with a feline is to lie down on the floor at a cat’s level and scope all the areas in the home where your cat will have access. Make a list of all the possible hazards that may tempt your kitty. You’ll need to remove all valuables that are breakable and remove or relocate plants that could be poisonous. Until your cat is trained, you may need to cover good furniture with a purchased coverlet, blanket or bedspread to avoid damaging or scratching the furniture. When pet-proofing your home, remember that the adult cat does jump and climb.

Your new feline family member will require certain necessities for a happy healthy life. Along with a nutritious well-balanced cat food, kitty will need food and water dishes, a soft comfy bed, good quality litter and litter box, scratching post or kitty tower. Your cat also needs a variety of toys, some with catnip in order to pacity their time and energies.

To maintain your cat, also remember a cat-friendly shampoo, brush and comb; nail clippers, cotton balls and ear cleaner as well as pet flavored toothpaste and toothbrush. The friendly staff at most larger pet supply stores can help you to choose all appropriate necessities for the upkeep of your cat.

Much thought, considerations and responsibilities go into adopting any new pet. Since you and your cat companion will be together for a very long time, be a well-prepared and educated pet parent which ensures a fulfilling and happy relationship.




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Comments (2)

wonderful information. People need to accept that pets are a commitment and they must be prepared to give to them as family members. They sometimes take some work. 

Ranked #8 in Cats

A very interesting and informative article, Susan, with some excellent resources links. A very helpful guide for someone who is considering getting a cat or a kitten for the first time.