Why Did My Cat Die?
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Why Did My Cat Die?

Many cat owners who have suddenly lost their beloved cat ask, “Why did my cat die?” There are many reasons why an otherwise healthy cat might have suddenly died. This article will address a few of the possible reasons why a cat might seem healthy one day and die the next.

Many cat owners who have suddenly lost their beloved cat ask, “Why did my cat die?” There are many reasons why an otherwise healthy cat might have suddenly died. This article will address a few of the possible reasons why a cat might seem healthy one day and die the next.

Flea and tick treatment poisoning in cats – Many cats suffer from the effects of flea and tick medicines. Millions of cat owners treat their cats with monthly flea and tick treatments and unknowingly poison their pet to death. Many cat owners try to save a buck or two by buying flea and tick treatments online. If you apply the wrong amount of flea and tick treatment onto your cat’s skin, it can poison your cat over time. Thus, if your cat is sensitive to those monthly flea and tick treatments, your cat could get sick and die.

It would be better for your cat if you take it to the veterinarian. Your vet will check your cat for any diseases that may have been caused by fleas and ticks, and then your vet may prescribe a flea and tick treatment that is safe for your cat. The vet would also advise you to bring the cat back if you noticed any adverse effects, such as lethargy, vomiting, difficulty breathing, difficulty in walking, and poor appetite.

Distemper in cats – Distemper in cats is also known as Feline Panleukopenia. Cats can get distemper if they come into contact with another cat that is infected. Pet owners cans unwittingly pass distemper to one cat, if they have gotten secretions from an infected cat onto your hands and clothing. The healthy cat can then be infected when they come into contact with you.

Small kittens and cats with an impaired immune system are most vulnerable to getting distemper. The symptoms of distemper are loss of appetite, vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea and fever. If your cat is exhibiting these symptoms you must rush your cat to the vet, because the cat can die very quickly. Don’t try to care for the cat at home; the cat will need antibiotics and IV fluids to have a chance to live.

Plant poisoning in cats – All too often cats get poisoned by something in or around the home. Chemicals used in the home could be poisonous to your cat. Some plants that you have in your home might make them violently ill. Spider plants, certain types of ivy, elephant ear plants, poinsettias, and many other kinds of plants can cause generalized weakness, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration if these plants are eaten. If a cat is particularly sensitive to poisonous plants, the cat can go into a coma and die.

Lead poisoning in cats – A cat can get lead poisoning by eating paint chips that has lead in them. Many older houses have lead-based paint in them, and this can be a hazard to cats, especially if there is any remodeling or reconstructing being done in older homes. Sometimes older homes have lead water pipes, and a cat could be poisoned with lead over time, because the water will carry particles of lead in it.

Symptoms of lead poisoning in cats include loss of appetite, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, seizures, muscle spasms, walking in circles, walking in an uncoordinated way. Other symptoms of lead poisoning in cats include behavior changes, and moving the jaws in a chomping motion. The pain from muscle spasms and abdominal pain can be severe and cause a cat to cry out in pain.

If your cat is having any of these symptoms, it should be taken to the vet at once. The vet will need to test the cat’s blood for any abnormalities in the red blood cells. If there is a possibility the cat could have lead poisoning, the vet will do a blood test to check for the amount of lead in the blood. It is important to get your cat to the vet, because the cat can die from liver failure and dehydration.

Author’s note: A very dear friend of mine, Carol Roach, lost her dear feline friend. She is grieving for her loss. There isn’t much I can do to make her grief less, but I wanted to give possible answers as to what might cause a cat to suddenly become very ill.

No one has all the answers as to why a cat or dog might suddenly get ill and pass away, or have to be euthanized to ease their suffering. We, the pet parents, are left to grieve over the loss of our pets. I’m a dog mom, and I’ve always had dogs. I’ve lost several in my lifetime, and each loss is like losing a member of my family.

If love could be enough, our pets would live long and healthy lives. The problem is that love isn’t enough. Our pets need to have medical care, just like we do. I know from personal experience that most veterinary hospitals won’t see an animal if you don’t have the money to pay for the care. I’ve been in a position where I didn’t have enough money to pay for the care. I was lucky enough to be able to pay half at the time of service and half when I got paid; but many people have no money at all to put down on a pet’s veterinary care. There might be fewer animal deaths if our fur babies had access to medical care regardless of their owners’ ability to pay.


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Comments (7)

No matter what the reason, it is almost unbearable to lose a beloved pet. This is some good insight Charlene

Ranked #26 in Cats

Thank you Susan. It hurts so much. I lost a Pom about 20 years ago... I blamed myself so much for his death. I had let FuFu out to go potty. I was ironing and didn't want him to bite at the cord .. so when he scratched at the door to come in I told him to wait a couple of minutes and I would let him in. The next thing I know I hear a thud and the mail truck hit my Fufu and killed him. I still feel him sometimes. For months I could could feel him "sleeping" in the crook of my legs.. that's where he always slept... then slowly he faded where I didn't feel him in my bed anymore.. but I still think of him often. it's no different than if a family member had died... at least for me.

Losing a pet is like losing a family member. I have lost a very lovable dog some years ago and didn't want to have pets anymore but if you love pets you can't live without them so I have two black dogs now who are my company at home when my son takes his vacation. i am taking home a cat soon from my sister and glad to have this information to rely on. Thanks for sharing this article. vote up

Ranked #26 in Cats

Thank you Lisa. It is so hard to live without animals when you love them so much.. I agree. I have a Chihuahua that has my heart.

I agree with you Charlene, I am still mourning my golden retriever, I still feel her with me. I am sorry you grieved so hard. but I do understand

Ranked #26 in Cats

Thank you Susan. I was thinking about Queenie the other night.. she used to meet me at the school bus stop every day... she got hit by a truck when she was crossing the road to greet me when I got off the bus.. I was in 7th grade... I know she will meet me when I go to heaven and we will walk through the gates together.. all my dogs will meet me.. I'm sure of it. It gives me comfort to think this way... and I do believe it too. Our pets have such tremendous souls... I love them more than some people.. if that makes sense.

Very good information cat owners really need to be careful about what houseplants they have. My mother in laws cat at part of a poinsetta plant and her boyfriend came home to find their beautiful 10 year old cat dead from it. That was so sad.