Why Your Cat Stares at You
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Why Your Cat Stares at You

I have had my cat now for almost a year and I started wondering what exactly she wanted when she stares at me. At first it freaked me out a little because it felt like she was looking right into my soul. Now that I've researched cat behavior I know why she stares at me.

First of all, if your cat is looking at you and you haven't fed her for a while it is quite possible they are hungry or thirsty. So try feeding them or giving them water first. If it is not food or water that is the issue, it may be they just want attention. If you give them attention and they are still staring at you, it is very possible they are trying to establish dominance. You will have to participate in a starring contest with your cat and make sure they look away first to show that you are the dominant one. Now if your cat is known to be aggressive I would just let them win to prevent any aggression towards you. They already have run of the house I'm sure. If your cat is looking at you and they are slowly closing and opening their eyes then they are giving you 'cat kisses.' This is their way of showing you they love and appreciate you. Lastly your cat may just be trying to figure you out, so they may look at you to try to form their own opinion of you.

So that in a nutshell is why your cat would be starring at you. Cat's are very curious creatures and communication barrier makes it difficult to really know what they truly want. I hope this article sheds some light on that mystery.

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Comments (5)

Hahaha, great article. I've never had a staring contest with my cat, but now I know that if I have to assert my dominance, I'll have to win those contests!

First off let me say your article is original and well done. And the next thing I would like to say is I like people who take the time to look at their pets and try to figure the subtle communication that almost all animals provide. It is us humans who fail to see or even want to acknowledge that they actually may be attempting to communicate. Again your write is well done and I look forward to more.


I like this one, so cute and warm. My cat gives me "cat kiss" from time to time.

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I love the cat kisses! Cute article

karen m

i've had cats my whole life (24 years), but a little over a year ago I adopted a kitten....and she loves to sit and stare at me. I look at her and talk to her and she will open and close her eyes slowly. I've never understood that..until now! thanks for the info about cat kisses!